The League of Extraorinary Gentlemen is a comic book series by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill. It does not include John Clayton, Lord Greystoke as a main character, but the Claytons are mentioned, as are many locations from Burroughs’ novels.

Volume 2, Issue 4Edit

  • Page 29 – “We skirted round a hamlet called Ben Khatour’s Village…” (from The Son of Tarzan)
  • Page 29 – “…we came into the kingdom Pal-Ul-Don.” (from Tarzan the Terrible) Gryfs are also described, but not named.
  • Page 29 – “On our first day, out walking in the hot, damp forests near the coast, we stumbled on a most peculiar site, being a long abandoned hut apparently untouched by either local folk or wildlife. You will think me mad, but there seemed something strangely English about this abode, with its clay cladding and its window grids of woven branches; its roof thatched after a style I am sure I’ve seen in Devon. Inside was a quaint stone fireplace and rudimentary furnishings, and I had quite a nasty turn when I happened upon a baby’s crib containing a small skeleton, though Allan reassured me that the bones appeared to him to be those of an infant monkey, possibly some unfamiliar species of gorilla.” (from Tarzan of the Apes)

Volume 2, Issue 5Edit

  • Page 25 – “…and the Mayan colony of Uxmal in the east.” (from Tarzan and the Castaways)

Black DossierEdit

  • Page 46, Trump 18, Panel 4 – “The Claytons” are listed amongst young wealthy couples in England in the 1920s.