Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle is an animated television series produced by Filmation Associates for CBS. Thirty-six episodes were produced between 1976 and 1979, and aired on Saturday mornings from 1976 through 1981.

The series remains unreleased on home video, despite most of the Filmation catalog being available. The legal rights to the series presumably still belong to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. but may be restricted by ERB Inc's contracts with The Walt Disney Company.

Opening narrationEdit

The Jungle; here I was born; and here my parents died when I was but an infant. I would have soon perished too, had I not been found by a kindly she-ape named Kala, who adopted me as her own and taught me the ways of the wild. I learned quickly, and grew stronger each day, and now I share the friendship and trust of all jungle animals.

The jungle is filled with beauty, and danger; and lost cities filled with good, and evil.

This is my domain, and I protect those who come here; for I am Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle.


In addition, multiple examples of the following appeared using names created by Burroughs.


Season 1 (1976–1977) 16 episodes aired by themselves as Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle.

Season 2 (1977–1978) 6 new episodes and repeats paired with episodes of The New Adventures of Batman as part of the Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour.

Season 3 (1978–1979) 6 new episodes and repeats aired with episodes of Batman and other superheroes as part of the ninety minute Tarzan and the Super 7.

Season 4 (1979–1980) 8 new episodes and repeats aired as part of the second season of Tarzan and the Super 7.

Season 5 (1980–1981) Tarzan repeats paired with new episodes of The Lone Ranger as the Tarzan, Lone Ranger adventure hour.

Season 6 (1981–1982) Tarzan repeats in rotation with the Lone Ranger and The New Adventures of Zorro as The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour.


Episode title
1-01 “Tarzan and the City of Gold”
1-02 “Tarzan and the Vikings”
1-03 “Tarzan and the Golden Lion”
1-04 “Tarzan and the Forbidden City”
1-05 “Tarzan and the Graveyard of the Elephants”
1-06 “Tarzan’s Return to the City of Gold”
1-07 “Tarzan and the Strange Visitors”
1-08 “Tarzan and the Land of the Giants”
1-09 “Tarzan and the Knights of Nimmr”
1-10 “Tarzan’s Rival”
1-11 “Tarzan and the City of Sorcery”
1-12 “Tarzan at the Earth’s Core”
1-13 “Tarzan and the Ice Creature”
1-14 “Tarzan and the Olympiads”
1-15 “Tarzan’s Trial”
1-16 “Tarzan, the Hated”
2 Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour
2-01 “Tarzan and the Sunken City of Atlantis”
2-02 “Tarzan and the Bird People”
2-03 “Tarzan and the Colossus of Zome”
2-04 “Tarzan and the Beast in the Iron Mask”
2-05 “Tarzan and the Amazon Princess”
2-06 “Tarzan and the Conquistadors”
3–4 Tarzan and the Super 7
3-01 “Tarzan and the Spider People”
3-02 “Tarzan and the Space God”
3-03 “Tarzan and the Lost World”
3-04 “Tarzan and the Monkey God”
3-05 “Tarzan and the Haunted Forest”
3-06 “Tarzan and the Island of Dr. Morphos”
4-01 “Tarzan and the Sifu”
4-02 “Tarzan and Jane”
4-03 “Tarzan and the Land Beneath the Earth”
4-04 “Tarzan and the Drought”
4-05 “Tarzan and the Soul Stealer”
4-06 “Tarzan and the Future King”
4-07 “Tarzan and the Huntress”
4-08 “Tarzan and the White Elephant”

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