Tarzan of the Apes is the first novel in the Tarzan series of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The story was first published in pulp magazine form in the October, 1912 issue of All-Story Magazine. The first book edition—with some revisions and corrections by the author—was published by A.C. McClurg in 1914.

It is available for free in multiple electronic formats at Project Gutenberg: Tarzan of the Apes.

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Story timeline Edit

~Feb. (scarce a three months before) – John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, marries the Hon. Alice Rutherford
May (a bright morning) – Lord & Lady Greystoke, sailed from Dover on their way to Africa.
June (a month later) – Arrived at Freetown, chartered the Fuwalda.
~June (second day out) – the Fuwalda captain brutalizes an old sailor.
~June (two days later) – the Fuwalda captain brutalizes another sailor.
~June (the following day) – The Clayton's consider a passing British battleship.
~June (the next morning) – Mutany.
~June (fifth day after) – Land sighted.
~July (following morning, 12 days from Freetown) – Clayton's put ashore, builds a small treehouse.
~Aug. (better part of a month later) – Clayton finishes one-room log-cabin.
~Aug. (by end of 2nd month) – Well settled with furnishings.
Aug. (two months after Freetown) – A half dozen British war vessels scoured the south Atlantic for a trace of them.
~Nov. (months later) – Attacked by great ape. Alice has mental breakdown. John is born.
~Nov. – Tarzan turns 20.
Feb. 3 (?) – Jane writes letter in Tarzan's cabin.